Suggestions for Acro Newbies


If you are new to acro, it can be bewildering and/or intimidating to attend a jam or a class for

the first time. Here are some tips that helped me to get the most out of jams and classes.


1.     Introduce yourself! Go up to a group working a skill, wait for a break in the action.

2.     Ask for help.If you canít figure something out, ask someone.

3.     Help others if you are able.

        Offer to take pictures/videos. Most acro folk are hams and love photos/videos.

        If someone needs a spotter, ask if they can show you how to spot and help out.Make sure you are strong enough to spot and don't be offended if someone needs a more experienced spotter.

4.     Speak your truth. Don't be afraid to say if you are uncomfortable doing something or need more explanation.

5.     Spend some time watching and asking questions. You can learn a lot that way.

6.     Respect that everyone wants a chance to play, including the people teaching you.

7.     No one to help at the jam or you want to start BEFORE the jam/class?

8.     LEARN the Acro body position terminology: straight, arch, hollow, tuck, pike, straddle, straddle pike, open straddle, stag.


Good first Acro video:


Google Acro Tutorial and look for beginner content


Work basic positions/strengthen core/work progressions: Acro Drills


Supine on mat: lift buttocks off the ground using heels & shoulders.

Superman (try both arms forward and arms by side) for extended holds.

Hollow body rocks (forward/back, leg/right)

Side plank to side plank

Partner push-ups

Work tripod headstand and handstands.

Stretch and work flexibility: KEEP LEGS STRAIGHT for the exercises below. When you bend

your knees you escape the hamstring stretch.

Forward folds (standing and seated)

Straddle pike stretches