Bright Lights Guidelines and Helpful Hints

These guidelines cover everything from behavior to snacks.  They are simply important lessons we've learned over the past years, or policies I've developed to improve the program.  Please read these and let me know if you have any questions.

  1. If you are going to be late picking up your kids, please call or text Gail at 650-380-6679.
  2. After the first month, kids who miss the prep session are welcome at the nursing home and kids who can't make the nursing home are still welcome to come to the prep session.
  3. Parents are ALWAYS welcome in the program, but try to be sensitive to your kids; as they get older, they may not want you there.  Generally, I require parents for all pre-school children, but if we both agree that your five year old can happily participate without you, that is fine.  You need to decide what works best for you and your child.  I'm always available to discuss this. Parental participation is required for children four and younger.
  4. Each family needs to sign up for snacks 1-3 times a year, depending on the number of families. SNACKS SUMMARY: If you bring the snack, please be early and bring plenty.  There are LOTS of kids and they really need that snack when they first arrive.  If you are going to have trouble getting there by 3:20, please drop it off at my house or at the church office earlier in the day and let me know you have done so.  Prep session snacks should include at least juice and crackers/cookies and optionally fruit.  Please try to avoid snacks that are heavily sugared.  The snack for the nursing home is ALWAYS seedless grapes ONLY.  Full info on snacks can be found here.
  5. Parents are asked to make a donation towards the cost of craft supplies and thank-you gifts. The suggested donation is $10/child for the school year. No one turned away for lack of funds.
  6. Kids are expected to be kids and the only behavior I correct is behavior that disrupts getting the job done: learning the songs and making the crafts. A little chaos doesn't bother me. If it gets too much for you or you kids, feel free to speak up.

  7. Parents are encouraged to sing, if desired. This is especially helpful for some of the oldies, but please sings softly so the kids can hear me to follow me. There are many variations to some of the songs. Be sure the one you are singing is the variation we are doing! It can be confusing for the kids when another adult sings an alternate version at the same time. The results are rarely good.

  8. Please try to RSVP to the email reminder or evite.  This helps with planning the crafts, snacks, and set-up.
  9. All the crafts are for the seniors and staff at the nursing home. We leave any extras at the home for staff who weren't there and residents who may have been asleep. This can be hard for the younger kids, but it is an important part of the program. If you see a child having trouble with this guideline, please let me know. Try to remind the kids that each senior only gets one each, so we don't run out.
  10. Make as many crafts as requested, if possible. There are 64 beds at the nursing home and we generally make 72. Each child needs to make multiple crafts, if possible. I don't want the kids stressing out over this; it is more important that they enjoy it. Adults are welcome to help make the crafts; we need all we can get! Don't worry if they all don't get made; I'll make the ones that don't get done.
  11. At the nursing home, each child may hand out at least three crafts, regardless of how many they made. Try to make sure that each child gets a chance to give a craft to at least one senior or staff. Kids love to give them away, so we need to kindly curb enthusiasm so the shyer kids get a chance too.
  12. Practice makes perfect.  Please try to practice the songs on the computer at least once between the prep session and the nursing home trip.
  13. Please help clean up.  This is especially important for the prep session. nbsp; This goes much faster with help, so please pitch in, if possible.
  14. Please help with the crafts, if possible.
  15. I always have my camera at the sessions, but could use help taking pictures. Speak up if you are willing to help.

  Contact Gail Grant at (650)380-6679 or if you have any questions.

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