Pictures of My House and Crafts

My house used to be all white, except for the redwood ceilings. A couple of years ago, I did a major redecoration. Here is the results of that redo, plus my baskets.

This is my newly painted living room. The dark green accent wall makes the outside and the inside seem like one.

This is my newly painted and decorated bedroom. The color is a tad dark, so will probably repaint it robin's egg blue. The ceiling is insulated with upholstered foam insulation panels to lighten the room. The window treatments were designed and made by me.

This is one of my two favorite features in my house redesign: the faux treatment on my tiny hallway. Formerly, the hall -- and the rest of my house was all white. The dark red really pops in this small space.

I love my kitchen. I redid the kitchen when I moved in, but in the redecorating, I added the roman shade and faux fan light to the window, painted the walls and added the glass bead endcap, my other favorite in the redo.

Here are some of the baskets I've made.

This set of pics shows the pillow jacket I invented. The idea is to allow you to have three different looks for the same pillow. The 'jacket' is reversible or removable.

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