Life Questions
By Gail L. Grant

What kind of seeds do you sow
As you go through your day?
What kind of deeds later grow
Once you've gone on your way?

Is your way filled with light
That shows others their worth?
Do you say things to blight
Budding darkness at birth?

Is your coming an event
Others look forward to?
Does your drumming accent
A life-brightening view?

Is irritation held tightly
And carefully tended?
Is abdication done lightly
So that hot hurts get mended?

Are the seeds that you sow
From a line full of grace?
So the deeds that then grow
Will shine light in their place?

Too late to start?
That never is so.
Your fate can be part
Of making hearts glow.

Why not start now?

  © Copyright 2004 Gail L. Grant. All rights reserved.