100 Kindnesses for Kids

Kindness is catching, but only if you spread it. Let's start an epidemic!

This is a list of things you can do for people you know that will help to sow kindness and light. People are often told what they've done wrong, but we rarely take the time to thank them for things done right or say nice things about them. Do a kindness and brighten someone's day!

First of all, some general suggestions:

The Kindness List for Kids:

  1. Thanks: Thank someone for something unexpected. It doesn't count if someone gives you something and you just thank them. That's not a kindness; it is just good manners.  For advanced sowers, include what it means to you.  You can thank your mom or teacher or friend for being such a good mom/teacher/friend. You can thank people for their hard work and say it means a lot to you that they work so hard.
  2. Appearance Compliments: Say something nice about how someone looks. You can choose their voice, their clothing, their hair, their teeth, their smile or anything else you notice. Sometimes something will look different and you can't tell what is it. That's okay! Just say that you can't put your finger on why, but they look especially nice today. One of my favorites is: "You look wonderful today. Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it!" People won't expect such a compliment from a kid. Surprise and delight someone.
  3. Character Compliments: This means saying something nice about a talent or ability someone has. You could tell someone how smart they are, or how sweet or thoughtful or strong or patient or helpful. Try to tell them what this means to you as well. You might say to a teacher: "You are so helpful, it makes it easier to learn because you are always willing to help." Or You look happy.  Thanks for brightening my day.

  5. Make someone laugh: Find something funny to say. Be sure that it isn't making one person laugh at another person. That undoes the good.
  6. Tell someone "Be kind to yourself; you deserve it."
  7. Give someone a cookie/flower/other small gift.
  8. Help someone who dropped something or is struggling to open a door.
  9. Express what you feel: Tell them in different ways just what they mean to you. Examples: You are amazing/wonderful/super/fantastic. Or I admire/respect/love you. I'm so glad you are my friend/mom/teacher.

  10. Sing a song: Sing a love song to a loved one.
  11. Make a card: Make a card for someone that tells them just how much they mean to you.
  12. Give a gift: Make/buy something your loved one would like and give it to them, such as a cake, a picture, the thing they are always forgetting to buy
  13. Do something unexpected: There are always things that others nag us to do that we resist doing.  Give in.  Do it and be gracious about it.  Grumping through it isn't a kindness.  If they thank you, say that you did it because you love them.
  14. Ask questions:  Ask if there is something that a loved one wants you to do or stop doing and tell them you are asking because you love them and want to brighten their lives.