The Power of Kindness

Retreat Agenda

9:00-9:15    Coffee and Conversation

9:15-9:45    Introductions

Each woman explains what she has brought that embodies kindness to her.  It may be a poem, a picture of someone, a gift, a book or simply a word or saying written on a piece of paper.  Each item will be placed on the altar.

9:45-10:30    What Kindness Is -- and Isn't -- and Why We All Need It
This talk will walk through the different facets of kindness: observation, empathy, empowerment and action.  Using a series of true kindness stories, quotes, poems and songs we'll see just how powerful kindness can be.  The talk will include myths about kindness and why they aren't true.  The session ends with a guided ten-minute introspection about kindness.

10:30-10:45    Break

10:45-11:00    The Benefits of Kindness

This session will cover the scientific, proven benefits to being kind, from the book The Healing Power of Doing Good by Allan Luks and The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People (What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It) by David Niven, Ph.D.

11:00-11:30    Planned Kindness
Each participant will make four cards or notes for four people in their lives that they will give to them sometime in the following week.  The cards will say whatever needs to be said: thank-you, I love you, you’re special or any other message that person specifically needs to hear from you.

11:30-11:50    Kindness and Buddhism -- Fiona Barner
The Dalai Lama has said that kindness is his religion.  Fiona will talk about the role of kindness in Buddhism.

11:50-12:20    Heart Opening Exercises and The Metta Meditation with Jackie Long

12:20-1:00    Lunch

1:00-1:30    Small Group Discussion
What is my greatest barrier to spreading kindness?
What can I do about it?
Brainstorm about ways for you, your kids, and your family to spread kindness.
1:30-2:00    Presentation of the Small Group Answers

2:00-2:20    Kindness's Big Sister, Grace
This talk will be about the harder path: being kind in the face of darkness, forgiveness, and the kindness of Christ.

2:20-2:40    Reflection
Each person will take time alone to write notes to themselves about things they could do in the coming week to bring more kindness into their lives, review the day, pray or meditate.  
2:40-3:00    Closing Circle