What to Bring

  1. Yourself: Wear comfortable, non-binding, casual clothes. Bring a sweater and/or a lap blanket; the room can get cool, despite central heating.
  2. Kindness Item: Bring something that speaks to you of kindness to place on the altar.  It can be anything at all: a picture, a word written on a piece of paper, a gift or something from nature.
  3. Your Favorite Salad Topper and/or Salad Dressing: Lunch will be "Stone Salad."  This means that we'll provide the greens, bread and cheese.  All the participants will provide the things to put on the salad, such as salad dressing and/or toppers (i.e. chopped egg, peas, croutons,  diced vegetables, diced protein,  pasta, etc.  Be creative! ) 25 women will be at the retreat so far; please keep that in mind when determining the amount of salad ingredients to bring. Please let me know if you have special dietary needs.

  4. Soccer Mom Chair: The chairs at the church are not that comfortable, so if you have the type of chair often used by soccer moms or another type of lawn chair that is comfy, you might want to bring it. It would be nice to bring a few extra comfy soccer mom chairs for those without.   A portable chair would also be useful if you want to perch yourself somewhere outside the room during the quiet times.