Employment History for Gail Grant

1994-1996 Open Market, Inc.

Position held: Vice President of Business Development 

As an early employee in an Internet Startup, I did everything from coding to
business development.  I managed the early relationships with Tandem, Digital
and Sybase in the first six months of employment.  Thereafter, most of my
time went to executive consulting with large corporations who were trying to
develop an effective Internet strategy, deploy OM-Transact (an Internet 
commerce infrastructure product) and use the Internet to improve their 
business.  I represented Open Market at CommerceNet, chaired the Network
Services Working group and later co-chairing the Public Key Infrastructure
Task Force.  I spoke regularly at conferences on topics related to the 
Internet and its use for business.

1986-1994     Digital Equipment Corporation

Positions held: Internet Alpha Program Manager(3/93-8/94)
		RISC/UNIX Requirements Manager(9/90-5/94)
                RISC/ULTRIX Business Development Manager(88-90)
                Marketing Manager(86-88)

My most well-known accomplishment was the creation, implementation and
management of the Internet Alpha Program, which put Alpha AXP systems
on the Internet for customers to "test-drive".  Since September 1993, over
8,000 people from over 2,000 organizations in 27 countries have used
this program.  The systems average 1 log-in every 4 minutes and millions
in revenue are generated by the program, plus millions in savings.  I also
represented Digital as a CommerceNet sponsor and drove our presence
at the Internet World '94 trade show and the MecklerWeb announcement.

As the manager of RISC/UNIX Requirements, my full-time job was to hold
Customer Advisory Boards to discover what customers want in the RISC/UNIX space
and feed this information back into engineering, product management and
marketing.  This was an outgrowth of my job in business development, changing
the focus of my work from regional to worldwide.  Major accomplishments include:

    . Integral part of Digital's burgeoning awareness and use of the Internet
    . Development and implementation of the CAB and Internet Alpha Programs
    . Architect of an export-compliant registration process for the Internet
	Alpha's and development of the reporting systems for the program
    . Ad hoc, two-week turnaround surveys via Internet newsgroups
    . Dissemination of CAB data to 600+ people in engineering, product
	 management, marketing and the field plus consulting with same
    . Presentation of technical product information on 60+ UNIX related topics 

As a Support Specialist(2 months), I was responsible for the corporate UNIX
presentations(technical, competitive and high-level), sales training and
participating in UNIX Trade Shows.  When promoted to the manager of ULTRIX Tech
Support and later System Software Field Readiness, my group was responsible for 
all presentation materials/sales training for operating systems and X Windows.
Major accomplishments include:

    . Management of 2, 5, then 12 people(recruited 9 people)
    . Design and implementation of group structure to train and equip the field
    . Establishment of several programs implemented corporate-wide and
        still ongoing five years later

1984-1986  BBN Software Products Corporation, Cambridge, MA

Positions held:  RS/1 Development Manager
                 Systems Programmer

As a systems programmer, I was responsible for the specification and much
of the coding for RS/1, Release 2(written in C on BSD UNIX running on a
VAX).  As the RS/1 Development Manager, my job included building a
development team and setting long term product strategy in conjunction with
Marketing.  Major accomplishments include:

    . Specification and coding for in the areas of graphics, performance
        improvements, user interface, UNIX tools, utilities, ease of use
    . Established process and software for accountability/review for bugs
    . Specification and coding of the VAX and PC Kanji versions of the product
    . Procurement of NRC Quality Certification for our product development
        practices for RS/1

1980-1984 Cardiac Computer Center, Mass. General Hospital, Boston, MA

Positions held:  Senior Scientific Applications Programmer
                 Scientific Applications Programmer
                 Programmer/Analyst Engineer
                 Computer User Liaison

As Computer User Liaison, I helped people transition from a Xerox Sigma
3 to a VAX 11/780.  With my promotions, I was primarily responsible for
development of FORTRAN programs and statistical consulting.  Major
accomplishments include: 

    . Design, composition and delivery of new user courses and curricula
    . FORTRAN programs for FMS forms manipulation, report generation, 
        graphics, automatic generation of DTR domain descriptions and analysis
    . Coauthor of several published papers in the field of cardiac research
    . Development of RS/1 applications (first HELP system, forms package,
        FMS interface, CBI course)

1977-1980      Self-employed     Gymnastics Coaching and Instruction.

Educational Background

1975-1978    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Hamilton, MA
                Masters of Theological Studies Program

1972-1975    Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
                Bachelor of Arts in Religion, cum laude