Irish Jesus Loves Me

This song is a two part round. The first part I wrote. The second is an Irish melody that most of you will recognize. We will practice two times: 3/2 and 3/9. This is the same round we did last year, so hopefully you'll remember it.

We don't start by singing the parts separately on this one because the round is longer. The Kids and Women start first and the Men come in as the kids start the second part. To practice singing with the second part of the round, wait until the computer has played to the second line. Because of the length, we will only sing it 2.5 times, ending with the kids singing the first part and the Altos and Men singing the first part.

The words of the second part come very quickly, so you might want to practice just reading (or reciting them with kids who can't read) before trying to sing it.

Press the play button (little triangle) to start playing the song and the pause button (||) to stop it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your computer will happily play multiple versions at the same time so be sure to STOP one version before starting another one.

After you really, really, REALLY have the tune in your head, you can try singing the round as a two-part round:

If you want to see the round as a two-part score, you can download the PDF file.

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