Jubilate Deo

I realized that most of the kids (and maybe some of the adults) don't know what Jubilate Deo means. It is usually translated Rejoice in or Praise God but I think that is sort of weak. Think of Snoopy's happy dance. Or how excited/happy you feel if someone tells you that you're going somewhere you REALLY want to go. Or just how much you love your friends and family and the joy they give you. The song says to be joyful that God loves us, answers our prayers, helps us grow, and blesses us each and every day.

PRONUNCIATION: you-bee-lah-tay day-o

This song is a three part round that was written over four hundred years ago by a man named Michael Praetorius. If you want to see/hear it performed by the WCC and by a mixed chorus. Note: the WCC sings the piece in a key higher than we will sing it and the mixed chorus in a pitch slightly below ours. The recordings below are in the correct key.

We'll sing this one in unison and then as either a two-part or three-part round. If we have a bunch of people, we'll sing it as a three-part round. If not, we'll just do it as two parts. Here are what the groups could be:

For those of you who have been in the family choir for several years, we have done this one twice before back in 2010 in April and June. If you are new to the choir and have not sung with us before, please do practice it with the music below.

Each group will sing the round alone and then we sing it in parts with the kids or group one starting.

Press the play button (little triangle) to start playing the song and the pause button (||) to stop it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your computer will happily play multiple versions at the same time so be sure to STOP one version before STARTING another

After you really, really, REALLY have the tune in your head, you can try singing the round as a two-part round:

Got that one down? Now try it with THREE parts:

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