Gail Grant

Gail L. Grant

Ms. Grant was the founder and CEO of GLG Consulting, a firm which specialized in helping companies utilize the Internet to decrease costs, increase revenues and improve customer relationships. Major clients included Bank One, Compaq, France Telecom, Stanford University and Visa International. She retired February 1st, 2000 and now does volunteer work for non-profits.

She is the author of the book Understanding Digital Signatures: Establishing Trust over the Internet and Other Networks", which was released in November 1997. She also authored chapters in books by Mary Cronin and Mark Radcliffe, as well as the Practicing Law Institute.

Prior to founding GLG Consulting, Gail was the vice president of Business Development for Open Market, Inc., responsible for evaluation of potential technology partners, executive consulting, and long-term requirements. She was been a key player in the CommerceNet consortium from inception until retirement.

Ms. Grant has been an Internet user and advocate since 1983. Her technical background, coupled with her creative marketing skills, enabled her to pioneer the Internet Alpha Program for Digital Equipment Corporation. This innovative, industry-first program generated millions in revenues and was featured in numerous publications, including Fortune Magazine, The New York Times and USA Today. Previous positions include development and development management positions at BBN in Cambridge MA and in Cardiac Research at Mass. General Hospital in Boston MA.

For more information, see her employment history. For belief information, see her beliefs, both spiritual and philosophical.



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